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Mrets’veloba Industries Janmrteloba mobile hospital (Item Level 7)

The Mrets’veloba Industries Janmrteloba mobile hospital is a state of the art mobile hospital that can cross land and water with ease. With a touch of a button, the mobile hospital will convert from a wheeled vehicle to a hover vehicle, allowing for travel across difficult terrain. This gargantuan vehicle has a Mrets’veloba Medical Extended Care Expansion Bay, as well as a Mrets’veloba Industries Expert Chef Mk II to meet the needs of both patients and care givers. The included Mrets’veloba Industries remote control package and datastore allows for the coordination of care and allows for remote operation in case biological, nanological, or radiological hazards do not allow for onboard pilots.

Price 16,380

Gargantuan land and water vehicle (10 ft. wide, 30 ft. long, 12 ft. high)
Speed 15 ft., full 450 ft., 50 mph (hover)
EAC 14; KAC 17; Cover improved cover
HP 65 (32); Hardness 6
Attack (Collision) 6d8 B (DC 11)
Modifiers –2 Piloting, –3 attack (–6 at full speed)
Systems autocontrol, computer [tier 2, control (mobile hospital), firewall (control), navigational map, range III comm (planetary)], culinary synthesizer mk 2, medical labs, planetary comm unit;
Passengers 3; Patients 6

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